Why Couples Choose to Hire a Wedding Planner

Why Couples Choose to Hire a Wedding Planner

Why Might Couples Hire a Wedding Planner?

We talked with Constanza Ducret Ramirez, from Bliss Weddings in Costa Rica about her services.

What’s the benefit of hiring a wedding planner?

The main advantage of hiring a wedding planner is the comfort of having a professional guiding you on every decision you make so it would help you make your wedding day as stress-free as possible and perfect in terms of logistics, timeline, vendor selection, etc.

How much time do you spend working with a wedding planner?

Pending on the amount of time you start the planning process before the wedding day and when you hire your planner. I would say a year is an average time for planning.

Should you tip a wedding planner?

It is very personal and uniquely related to your experience but if you feel your wedding planner did an amazing job and went above and beyond your expectations you should!

What fee range do wedding planners have?

It depends on the company and the planner. Everyone works differently in regard to the fee. I like to work with a set fee from the beginning with my clients to have a very transparent relationship. Depending on the wedding needs it would be a percentage of the estimated cost of the wedding (between 10% and 15%).

We want to thank Constanza for the answers to our questions. To contact Constanza, you can visit: https://www.blissweddingscostarica.com/

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