Finding the Best Wedding Videographer

Finding the Best Wedding Videographer

We recently talked with Brian Garcia of Brian Garcia Films about hiring a videographer for your wedding. He offered us some sound advice on how you should approach finding the perfect videographer for your big day.

How do you decide on the best videographer to hire?

I recommend looking up the quality of their work, reviews, and if wedding videos are their primary focus. If they are offering too many services, you may not get the best quality service. I get asked all the time if can offer both photos and videos at the wedding, and I have offered both when I was starting out, but there was the stress of many things that could go wrong simply because I’m doing too much. I would rather create high-quality videos and offer more in my video packages. Also, their brochure should be easy to understand and very simple. You also want to look at their whole gallery of videos, not just the best videos they sent you.

How much experience should a videographer have?

If they have at least 1 year or 25 wedding videos, they already have a bit of experience to figure out how weddings are structured, even if they were 2nd shooters for other videographers.

The average cost of a videographer?

The average cost is about $4,000. If you’re spending less than that, it’s either someone with not enough experience which can cause many risks at someone’s wedding, or they’re just not in high demand.

Thanks to Brian for his candid answers, and to learn more about him and his company, you can visit:

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