Why Does The 4th Finger Get Wrapped in Gold?

Why the Ring Finger… is the Ring Finger.

When it’s that time to put the ring on your bride or groom’s finger while at the alter, why does it go on the finger that it does? Which finger does the ring go on?

Hopefully, you both know that it’s the fourth finger on your left hand. Fourth from the thumb that is. And one over from your pinky. But why that fourth finger? Why is this where they wear their wedding ring?

From a financial standpoint, it would be less expensive for all that are getting married to have it on the pinky finger instead. Why? Less Gold, Titanium, or Platinum because of the smaller ring. Luckily, it’s not on the biggest finger which is your middle finger. And we’re glad it’s not the middle finger, because new married women may look rude showing off their rings to their friends when they stick that finger up.

What Finger Does The Wedding Ring Go On?

But why really, is it the fourth finger that gets to be wrapped in wedding gold? The reason dates back hundreds of years ago. When wedding couples said their “I Do’s” the overwhelming consensus of people in ancient Greece, Egypt, and Rome was that the fourth finger was connected directly to someone’s heart. And they had good reason to think that, because it is, technically true.

You see, they believed that there was a vein in this finger that went directly to the heart. They called it the “Vein of love.” Which we’re guessing was the PG version of the “Vein of Love,” found on a man’s body. The heart was considered, and still is today thought of as the body’s emotional center.

Now whether that’s true or not, I’m not sure. But the tradition held, and still today that the fourth finger on the left-hand gets the most respect out of all the digits.

In the western world, it’s just the finger that the majority of the time gets picked. When single people are attracted to someone, many times, the ring finger will give out whether the person is married or not. Whether it’s because they’re wearing a ring, or there’s a white strip of skin surrounded by a nice suntan.

But how many people actually wear their wedding band on a regular basis? According to a recent survey, almost 1 in 5 people never wear their wedding ring. Men are less apt to wear it than their married counterparts. Many people who choose not to wear it, don’t wear it because it might not be comfortable, or even dangerous to wear while at work depending on their career setting.

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