Where to Sell a Wedding Dress

Where to Sell a Wedding Dress

Buying the right wedding dress takes a lot of energy. It’s a very personal choice, and most people will want to get the most bang for their buck.

Selling it depends on the bride. Modern brides don’t find keeping the gown necessary. They would rather recoup some cash and maybe put much of that into an amazing honeymoon.

Some dresses are so expensive that they could be a good source of funds for a whole new wardrobe or paying off debt. These are all genuine reasons to want some cashback from the dress.

Other reasons could be a divorce, a broken engagement, or a change of heart. The bride may want to get rid of any memories of that day.

How to Price Your Wedding Gown

Before you start looking for places to sell, decide how much you want to list it for. A general rule of thumb is to sell a gown in excellent condition. It should also be less than 2 ½ years old.

Such a gown can for 50% of the retail price. Branded gowns from recognizable companies like Vera Wang can give you 60 to 70% money back.

Even if your dress isn’t a designer, don’t worry. Many people are looking for cheaper wedding gowns.

Best Places to Resell a Wedding Gown

Local wedding dress sell/hire shops

Start from where you bought the dress. Some of these shops offer an excellent price for second-hand gowns.

If you know of any wedding dress hiring services (and there are many), they should be a good start. Just make sure it’s a trustworthy service.

Selling online

Here are reputable sites that will take your wedding dress:


Stillwhite.com is the largest wedding dress resale site in the world. It demands a $20 one-time listing fee or a $30 premium placement. Paypal is the preferred payment method. They have a buyer protection policy that gives you some peace of mind.


NearlyNewlywed.com is a favorite for many who want to resell their wedding dresses. The site is quite inspirational and user-friendly. You pay a $19.9 one-time listing fee and a 30% commission on the sale price. The process is easy, and they accept returns.


Visit the #1Google ranking PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com and get that dress sold. Their ad campaigns and a solid social media presence give you an upper hand. There is no resell commission, but a one-time $25 listing fee is applicable. Returns depend on the seller.


If you have any wedding items to sell, go to BravoBride.com. Brides can list their wedding dresses and any other items for only $9.95. There is no sales commission, and the item will remain listed until it finds a buyer. This is the best place for those who need a decent low-cost option.

Other sites

You can also find a decent service at eBay.comOnceWed.comPoshmark.comTradesy.com, and Ruffed.com. Just make sure you read some reviews first.

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