What Happens if Someone Objects at a Wedding?

What Happens if Someone Objects at a Wedding?
  • They might be objecting because the marriage will not be legal.
  • It might be a family member or friend who gets one last shot at saving that person from marrying Mr. or Mrs. Wrong.
  • Someone might be just trying to get a laugh!

We’ve all seen it in a movie scene at some time in our life, where the bride and groom are about to say their, “I Do’s” and someone objects to them getting married. In real life, it does happen, but the majority of times, it’s just to get a laugh from some guest or member of the wedding party who’s had one too many. If someone says, “NO WAY!” at a wedding, it’s really up to the priest, or Justice of the Peace to handle it. So what should you do if it happens? Some experts say that you should pull the person aside and try to find out why they object so strongly.

Here are some videos we found of people who objected at wedding ceremonies.

The Super Mean Mamma

This objector is a mom who gets angry that the bride said that her husband had “flaws” during the wedding ceremony. The bride said that she loved him even with all his flaws. But mom is NOT happy, and things get really awkward real fast. We feel bad for everyone at this ceremony. Can’t we all just get along, and let the couple make it to their honeymoon? They do have a marriage license right? There’s no legal reason they can’t get married. Why would she object?

The reason that this, “Speak now or forever hold your peace,” is in the wedding ceremony reading, is because it dates all the way back to the 12th century. The Catholic Church started off the practice, and initially it was just to make sure the marriage was a legal one. Objections never happened often since there usually is plenty of time before the wedding day to state your objections and try to change your mind.

Luckily, today, more objections are so friends and family members can get a laugh.

People Pop-Up on Video and Start Objecting at Wedding Ceremony

(Sorry, a little hard to hear, but you’ll get the joke)

And if you take anything from this article, remember, when you’re at a wedding, and you can’t hold your peace, being in love with the bride isn’t cause for calling it off. We’re sorry, but that only happens in the movies (or YouTube if you search hard enough). So what happens when someone objects at a wedding? Only time will tell.

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