What Does a Wedding Ring Symbolize?

What Does a Wedding Ring Symbolize?

We’re sure you’ve noticed that a ring is in the shape of a circle right?

Besides being easier to wear than a square ring, circles have a universal meaning of eternity, never-ending, timelessness, totality, and wholeness. Yes, it has a lot of powerful meanings. Circles are geometric symbols that have been meaningful for thousands of years. Circles are sometimes symbols of the Judeo-Christian God. Did you ever notice a halo is in the shape of a circle? Yes, it would be weird if it were a square or triangle when you think of it.

Wedding bands are seen as very spiritual. They represent a never-ending bond between man and wife. Wedding rings symbolize eternal love and unity.

Wedding bands are mostly made from Gold and Silver and sometimes Platinum and Titanium.

So what is the symbolism of a gold wedding band?

Gold is not only metal but a color. It’s close to the color of brown and yellow, and it symbolizes love, passion, beauty, and illumination. Gold is also thought of as a gift from the wealthy, and a sign of prosperity.

So what is the symbolism of a silver wedding band?

Silver is a metal that is precious, and like the Gold that we discussed it represents richness and wealth. In many cultures, Silver is thought to remove and draw out any negative energy in one’s body and replace it with energy that is positive.

So what is the symbolism of a platinum wedding band?

Platinum is a symbol of true love, power and purity, and strong. Platinum endures and represents the endurance of everlasting love.

So what is the symbolism of a titanium wedding band?

Titanium is a metal that is very durable and strong. It’s very resistant to corrosion and makes for a very special ring. Titanium means that nothing bad can come between you and your new fiance. It’s very strong and light, a good way to keep a relationship, fun but solid.

No matter what metal you want your wedding rings made from, they’re all solid, strong, and signify long-lasting love.

Why do couples wear their rings on their “ring” finger?

The reason married people wear their wedding rings on their “fourth” finger dates back to ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman times. They believed that since the fourth finger had a vein in it that went directly to the heart, it was the proper finger to put a ring.

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