What Do Wedding Planners Do?

What Do Wedding Planners Do?

We recently got the chance to ask some questions that many couples have when considering a wedding planner. Thanks to the owner and creative director of John Gandy Events, John Gandy for answering these popular questions from wedding couples.

What Do They Do?

One of the advantages of hiring a professional wedding planner is that you are securing a close advocate for your big day. An advocate whose common goal is to secure professional creative partners to design the best possible version of your special event. A professional planner will have contacts within the event community and know who to reach out to those you’ll need.

How Much Time Will You Spend With a Wedding Planner?

The time spent planning your wedding day will vary. If you hire a full-time planner/design team, then you will have more face team than just one planner, who might just work on coordinating timelines and flow. Wedding planners can organize things like cake tastings and appointments to feel the table linens and more!

Do You Tip A Wedding Planner?

Never expected, but always appreciated.

How Much Are Wedding Planners?

Our fee is always based on a variety of items, the scope of involvement, location, number of guests, and time of year. For things like wedding design, our fee is customized for each client.

We want to thank John for his candid answers. For more information about John’s services, you can visit him at JohnGandyEvents.com.

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