Wedding Gifts for Couples That Already Live Together

  1. Luxurious Bedding
  2. Bartending and Mixologist Kit
  3. Monthly Wine Subscription
  4. Engraved Cutting Board
  5. Air BNB Gift Card
  6. Date Night Book

Buying wedding gifts can be an overwhelming task. Even more so if the soon-to-be-married couple already lives together. This is the couple that doesn’t need a lot of kitchen supplies or the necessities that you would buy for a new married couple that has lived on their own or with their parents. So let’s talk about wedding presents and how to navigate this sometimes stressful experience as a guest.

To start, there are usually a few different types of wedding gift buyers. The first group of people is close friends and family. This group is the one that already has their very sentimental gift picked out to commemorate the relationship they have had with the bride or groom.

The second group is the “play it safe” group. They look at the wedding registry and only get things off of the perfectly curated list that has been designed by the couple. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with either of these groups, sentimental gifts and things the couple has asked for are wonderful gifts; but then there’s the last group.

These are the people that waited too long to buy a gift and now everything off the registry is taken except for the $900 kitchen accessory that is way out of your budget. So, if you find yourself in that last group, let’s help you find your perfect wedding gift!

Luxurious Bedding

You can never go wrong with bedsheets. New bedding can sometimes be the last thing that comes to our mind when we shop for things that we want but when it comes down to it, this is what we go to sleep on every night. So go ahead, splurge a little and get them the gift of a perfect night’s sleep.

Bartending and Mixologist Kit

Here come the cocktails!

If your couple doesn’t have any reservations about alcohol then this is the gift they never knew they needed. They’ll be slinging drinks like pro bartenders with a full mixologist kit. While you’re at it go ahead and throw in a “how to make” cocktail recipe book that way they can get adventurous.

Married Couple Drinking Wine

Monthly Wine Subscription

This is another alcohol-friendly idea for the newlyweds. This ensures that they get to try a different bottle of wine every month and have fewer grocery store runs. Plus, maybe they’ll invite you over to share some.

Engraved Cutting Board

Everyone has cutting boards, but not everyone has a cutting board unique to themselves. An enraged cutting board with the couple’s name is a sweet and unique gift with a little sentiment thrown in there. You can usually pick what font you would like it written in and what kind of wood you would like as well. This gift is a sure winner!

Air BNB Gift Card

This is the gift that comes just when you need it. After the honeymoon is over and real-life begins to settle back into play, your friends are very quickly going to be wanting another getaway. An Air BNB gift card gives them the flexibility to enjoy a vacation just when they need it.

Date Night Book

An Adventure Challenge book is a fun and spunky way to get a couple off of the couch on Friday night and give them something inventive to do as well as being able to grow together as a couple. This will be a gift that is consistently used and cherished. So next time you don’t know what to buy as a gift for your next wedding this page and look at it later to be the best wedding gift giver. — bookmark

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