Top Wedding Entrance Ideas For Your Reception

Top Wedding Entrance Ideas For Your Reception

Wedding Party Entrances

  • Come in with a choreographed dance with your bridal party entrance.
  • Lip-sync or sing/play an instrument if you can for a fun entrance.
  • Use the environment – boats/carriage/horses for your entrance.
  • Enter the reception using classic cars.
  • Use your DJ!
  • Come in with a BANG! for a fun wedding.

Making Your Bridal Party Entrance


When you are planning your wedding, you are going over all the fine details to make sure your day is perfect. You’ve got the best location, great food, and even some entertainment! You’ve booked the photographer, the wedding DJ, and the florist all ahead of time, and they all understand your vision.


But what about when you arrive at the party? If you didn’t know this – most couples plan some kind of special entrance to their wedding reception. Your guests will expect a fun entrance as well! To ensure you don’t forget this detail and are prepared for the moment, we’ve come up with our favorite entrances that will be memorable for your guests(and the happy couple) on your wedding day! Let’s get the party started!


How To Be Welcomed Into The Wedding Reception


Come in with a choreographed dance – Many couples do this because it is simple, and you can involve the whole wedding party. You can have each bridesmaid and groomsman do a different classic dance move, and then the bride and groom come in last – If you don’t know what move to do, dip the bride. Everyone loves a good dip.

Lipsync, or play an instrument if you can – another great wedding reception entrance idea that incorporates a performance would be to either have someone play an instrument(usually a guitar), which is sometimes accompanied by someone singing. If the bride and groom can play instruments or sing – they can even do this themselves! It is like a two-in-one for your entrance and guest entertainment.

Sendoff style – Many brides and grooms will be sent off at the end of the night – usually with sparklers, bubbles, or confetti. You can do this for your reception entrance as well. You can have your wedding party participate as well, and it makes for great photos.

Use the environment – Boats/Carriage/Horses – Professionals say to consider your venue when planning your wedding – things like the food served and the wedding attire can be different at a great hall versus a barn wedding. You can think about your entrance in the same way. If you are having your wedding at a family cottage on the lake – why not make your entrance by boat? If you are having a barn wedding, maybe a horse-drawn carriage? Some wedding venues are very unique, so use this to your advantage to wow your guests and make your entrance truly unique.

Classic cars – Many people use classic cars as their entrance. While it is common and may not be unique – it is timeless. You can get some great pictures with a vintage car, and if the bride or groom are “car-people” this will be perfect. If you can also hire someone to drive you to the reception if the bride or groom don’t want to drive themselves – this will up the wow factor.

Use your DJ! – The wedding DJ is the life of the party! They will usually be the ones announcing your arrival. Be sure to ask your DJ if they have any other services they offer that could help take your entrance to the next level. DJs will usually have lighting equipment and can help orchestrate a light show for your entrance – and sometimes it can be at no extra cost to you!

Come in with a BANG! – If you’re having your reception when it is dark outside – an evening cocktail reception perhaps? – consider putting together a fireworks show for your grand entrance! You will certainly come in with a bang, it will be excellent entertainment for your guests, and you will have the best pictures with fireworks as your backdrop.

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