9 Hottest Wedding Destinations Ideas

9 Hottest Wedding Destinations Ideas
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Samui Island, Thailand
  • Joshua Tree, California
  • Sunset Beach, Hawaii
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Venice, Italy
  • Paradise, Hawaii
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Southern California

In the world of destination weddings, couples have been exploring all corners of the globe to find a picturesque setting for their weddings. For many years, popular spots included Mexico and Aruba. In actuality, though, it is possible to find an original location closer to home–and one that will add excitement to your big day.  Exchanging vows is one of the most joyful moments in life. If you and your partner dream of a destination wedding, we’ve got you covered. From the charming streets of Paris to the sandy beaches of Hawaii, these are some of our favorite places to say “I do.” The following wedding destinations offer exciting elements that you won’t easily find elsewhere:

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

If you need to add a little bit of glitz and glamour to your wedding day, Las Vegas is the place to do it. With world-class restaurants, hotels, and casinos, Sin City offers couples many options for their big day. Plus, what could be more fun than getting married in the same place as Elvis Presley? Plus, with temperatures in the 70s and 80s year-round, you won’t have to worry about weather conditions ruining your plans. Just be sure to keep your budget in check—Las Vegas weddings can be expensive!

2. Samui Island, Thailand

Though this island is home to some of the best beach resorts in Asia, for your wedding day, you’ll want to be far away from the crowds. Rent a private home or book out an entire resort (if you can swing it), and enjoy the gorgeous beaches of southern Thailand with only your closest friends and family. Consider the pristine beaches of Thailand for your destination wedding. The island of Samui is known for its secluded, luxurious villas just steps from the shoreline. With plenty of diverse outdoor venues to choose from, your wedding will be nothing short of amazing.

3.  Joshua Tree, California

The desert may sound like an unusual place for a wedding, but the Joshua Tree area is full of natural beauty. This national park offers endless photo opportunities with its rolling hills and gorgeous mountain views. Plus, with California’s liberal marriage requirements (you can get married by an Elvis impersonator on the local drive-through chapel!), it won’t be difficult to tie the knot in this stunning landscape. For couples looking to add some rustic charm to their weddings, look no further than California’s Joshua Tree National Park.

4. Sunset Beach, Hawaii

The island of Oahu offers some pretty spectacular scenery—and there’s none more stunning than sunset beach. This beach is perfect for a romantic ceremony with its gentle waves and white sand. Plus, with Hawaii’s relaxed marriage laws, you can say “I do” pretty much anywhere you like. Just plan well in advance, as Oahu tends to fill up quickly during peak wedding season. Rocks surround it on three sides and miles of white sand on the other, and this beach provides a picturesque backdrop for your wedding day. With Hawaii’s warm tropical weather and consistently clear skies, you won’t need to worry about bad weather spoiling such a special occasion.

5. Bali, Indonesia

Located in Southeast Asia between Thailand and Australia, Bali is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations. This island paradise offers couples countless options for their wedding day, popular with honeymooners and adventure seekers alike. In case you want to hold the ceremony at an outdoor chapel surrounded by lush green mountains or underwater during a scuba diving session, Bali has plenty of exciting possibilities that will make your wedding truly unforgettable! For those who want both exotic locations and stunning natural beauty, look no further than the island of Bali in Indonesia for your dream destination wedding.

6. Venice, Italy

Venice is no secret when it comes to hosting dreamy weddings. Still, its exquisite venues are perfect for couples who want their celebration to be extra special. St. Mark’s Square is known as one of the most stunning locations in Venice, featuring cathedrals and water fountains that will take guests’ breath away. Venice is the perfect place to say “I do” with its winding canals and picturesque bridges. If you’re looking for a fairytale wedding venue, there’s no better choice than Venice, Italy. You can also consider hiring gondoliers to ferry guests between multiple floating villas around Venice. The possibilities are endless.

7. Paradise, Hawaii (USA)

Hawaii is a popular destination wedding location, and the stunning views make it even more memorable. A fairy tale landscape surrounding beautiful beaches will allow you and your guests to enjoy an unforgettable ceremony. There are plenty of stops on any honeymoon tour with an endless choice of resorts, plus lush tropical forests and dramatic mountains to explore. Is there anything more beautiful than exchanging vows on a beach under the warm tropical sun? Hawaii offers couples endless options for their big day, with plenty of stunning beaches to choose from. Plus, you can hold multiple events throughout your stay—from morning yoga sessions to sunset cocktail parties. A destination wedding in Hawaii is the perfect way to celebrate your nuptials.

8. Sydney, Australia

It is such a beauty for you to say “I do” in front of Sydney Harbour with a stunning view of the iconic Opera House and Harbor Bridge—the perfect backdrop for your big day. Plus, you can even say “I do” underwater! This unique ceremony will take place in a submarine that descends 20 meters to the ocean floor, providing an amazing experience for all your guests. It’s perfect for adventurous couples who want their wedding day to hold some surprises. The stunning Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge are two of Australia’s most iconic landmarks—so what better backdrop could there be for any wedding? You and your guests are sure to get to experience everything from cliffside picnics to boat rides between venues during your stay in this beautiful city. Sydney is the perfect place to celebrate your love with world-class restaurants and wine bars.

9. Southern California

If you want to say your vows in a place that’s both beautiful and convenient, Southern California is a great option. With world-famous beaches, plenty of sunshine, and a wide range of resorts to choose from, Southern California is perfect for couples who want a destination wedding without having to travel too far. You can hold your ceremony at a beachfront resort with stunning ocean views or choose a venue in the heart of Hollywood for an extra special touch. No matter what you choose, Southern California will provide you and your guests with an unforgettable experience. Southern California has it all, whether you’re looking for sandy beaches and palm trees or glamorous nightlife and incredible restaurants. So why not say “I do” in this amazing location? With its mild weather and stunning beaches, this region offers couples plenty of options for their wedding day. Plus, with Los Angeles and San Diego both just a short drive away, guests will be able to travel to your celebration easily.

Destination Weddings Conclusion

There are endless places in the world to celebrate your nuptials, but these seven destinations offer some of the most unforgettable experiences. No matter where you choose to tie the knot, destination weddings are always a memorable experience. With careful planning and by considering all of your options, you can be sure that your special day will be everything you’ve always dreamed of. So if you’re want something truly special, consider one of these unique locations for your destination wedding.

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