The Coolest Last Minute Wedding Gift Ideas

The Coolest Last Minute Wedding Gift Ideas
  1. Espresso Machines
  2. Prepared Meal Services
  3. Home Cooked Meal Kits
  4. Wine Rack with Wine
  5. A Couples Spa Day
  6. A Cheese Board
  7. Locally Crafted Items

Attending a wedding is a lot of work. If you’re a woman, you have to find a dress, get your hair and makeup done. If you’re a man, you have to wear a suit and shave (usually much easier). But with all that you need to do to look good at a wedding, you could overlook something. The wedding gift.

Not to worry, it happens all the time. Most of us are procrastinators so it’s understandable. And yes, cash always works as a last-minute wedding gift idea, but if you’re looking for something more memorable that will make you stand out from the rest of the wedding guests, we have some great last-minute wedding gift ideas.

While searching for wedding gifts online, you’ll see lots of monogrammed items like wedding keepsake boxes, or wine glasses. However, these sometimes take weeks to get to you, so these are really out of contention for a last-minute gift idea.

1) Espresso Machine – Many couples have always wanted an espresso machine at home, but they really didn’t have the money to spend on it. But, that’s where you can come in, on their wedding day. Sure, someone else might buy them a traditional coffee “machine,” but yours is the Cadillac of coffee makers. Some of the best espresso machines will even take the beans and grind them for you. With a quick push of a button, you will get an incredible expresso flavor that any new loving pair can enjoy.

2) Prepared Meal Services – When you’re newlyweds, you want lots of time to be with each other. And one way to not take away from any time for intimacy would be to save the couple time, from having to cook. This is a wedding gift that will definitely stand out from the “cash” crowd. Why not pay for a subscription for these services for a month, 3, 6, 9, or 12 months? Some of the most popular ones are Home Chef and Freshly.

3) Meals-in-a-Box Services – These are also subscription services. But you can buy gift subscriptions for a certain period of time for these too. These recipes, with food included kits, are perfect for a newlywed couple. Why? Because it’s fun cooking together. Services like EveryPlate and HelloFresh are very popular. Fresh food ingredients get dropped off at your doorstep, then you bring them inside, follow the included recipe, and wallah! Delicious dinner for two.

4) Wine and Wine Rack – In our opinion, you can never have enough wine. It gets better with age. Why not find a beautiful wine rack at a high-quality store like Macy’s and include a few bottles to get it started. If you know a lot about the couple, and where they’ve previously traveled to, you might buy wines made from those areas/countries. Like a bottle of wine from Portugal, or Spain, or France. Maybe someplace they’ve been on vacation to show that you really put some thought into it (although we know it was last minute, lol).

5) A Printed Coupon for a Couples Spa – This idea is one of our favorites. Who wouldn’t be happy with a couple’s massage treatment at an amazing local spa? Because let’s face it, after your wedding, you’re looking for any rest and relaxation that you can get after the stress of planning a wedding. And there’s nothing more romantic than being in the same room getting a couples massage. You could even include the tip if you wanted to go the extra mile for the couple.

6) A Cheese Board or Charcuterie Board – This is a great idea for a couple who loves to entertain others in their home. There are so many different types of cheese boards, from swivel ones to slate ones. You could also buy a vintage-looking Charcuterie Board. You can find beautiful cheese boards in the store, and if you want to go above and beyond, you can buy some fancy cheeses and meats. Ones that need no refrigeration of course.

7) A Locally Crafted Gift – This is really an outside-of-the-box idea. Probably, because there’s no box for this gift. A great place to look for a unique last-minute gift is your local classifieds. Places like OfferUp, or Facebook Marketplace. There are lots of local craftsmen and women who create amazing works. From woodworking to metalwork and everything in between. If you take a look right now, you’ll find a lot of reclaimed woodcraft projects that are just beautiful.

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