How to Sell a Wedding Ring For Fast Cash

Getting Married Again? How to Ditch That Old Ring

God forbid things aren’t working out for you and your husband or wife after getting married. Most times, the wedding couple will hold on to the rings for sentimental value, or maybe there’s a slim chance of getting back together. So selling a wedding ring can be a serious matter. If you were scorned in the relationship, then selling the ring might not be a tough decision.

Once you decide on getting rid of that old reminder of a wedding gone wrong, selling it could mean a very fresh start for you. After a divorce, it may be officially the right time to sell that wedding band and/or diamond to get some quick cash.

Many people forget it’s even in their jewelry box, collecting dust. It may be years later while cleaning out their jewelry box that they find the old treasure. It’s at that time they decide to take it to a jeweler to see if they can determine its value and if now is a good time to sell the gold, platinum, silver, or titanium.

When you go see a jeweler, get a value on what it may be worth, and if they would be interested in buying it, remember, shop around. We’ve always heard that in life you should always get at least 3 quotes no matter what service you’re hiring. Or, in this case, who will give you the most money for your token of divorce?

If someone is torn over parting with their wedding ring, the state of their finances may speed up the process. If someone is in debt, and the selling of the ring could help get them back in the black, then time is of the essence. However, you shouldn’t rush and take your first offer for your ring(s). Again, dad always said, get 3 quotes and be in the driver’s seat.

So now, the question is, “Where Can I Sell My Wedding Ring?”

Selling Your Wedding Ring for Some Quick Cash

The good news is, that you have lots of options. In fact, we’ll explore 7 of these right now.

1) Selling your Gold or Silver band on eBay

You might get a higher price with more bidders
You don’t have to deal with anyone in person
It doesn’t take long to post the listing


  • It’s hard to convey how beautiful it is over photos
  • Rings showed in-person look shinier and more spectacular

2) Selling your ring at a pawn shop

Pros: It’s a great place to get fast cash for your jewelry

Cons: They might not give you the best price since they may not know its true value

3) Selling your divorce trinket at a Jewelry Auction


  • Hassle-free selling.
  • The auctioneer does the work and makes your ring sound spectacular

Cons: You get what you get for cash back, if someone bids low and wins, you won’t get the amount you want.

4) Selling Wedding Rings on Classified Sites, like Craigslist, FB Marketplace, etc.


  • Simple to list
  • Lots of eyes looking at it


  • Safely give it to the buyer (stick to a public location)
  • You’ll have to weed through lots of lowball offers.

5) Local and Online Jewelry Buyers


  • You can get quotes from experts who know the real value of the metal ring.
  • Many local jewelers are reputable


  • Online Jewelry buyers could scam you

Our pick would be an authentic local jewelry store. A jeweler who is a respected member of the community and wants future customers, like you.

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