How to Properly Wear a Wedding Ring Set

Show Me The Ring

As soon as you get engaged the resounding statement from everyone is “show me the ring!” The engagement ring is the most noticeable thing people see to declare your engagement to your significant other. While there are times that the engagement ring is the final ring when you say “I do”, the other option is the wedding ring set. This set will come with the groom’s ring, an engagement ring, and then the wedding ring. All three rings have some unique tie to each other in some way or another. So let’s talk about this wedding ring set and how to wear them.

The Star of the Show

For the ladies, you have would have two rings. The first one is the engagement ring which is normally a small band with diamonds in it or a small gem with the band. The second ring is your wedding band which is much more elaborate but pairs with your engagement band when worn together. When it’s the wedding day the bride will either move her engagement ring to her other hand or take it off and have her wedding band be the star of the show and add her engagement ring later. What order you wear the rings in is completely up to personal preference! Some people say your engagement ring should be under your wedding band to not take away from the more elaborate piece.

Wedding Ring Set

Close to Your Heart

Others say to wear your wedding band first with your engagement ring on top of it, that way your wedding band is closer to your heart. There is no right or wrong way to wear your bands. So whatever you feel comfortable with and you feel brings out the beauty of your rings, that’s the way you want to go. For the men, I’m sorry but as of current tradition, you only have one band and that is your wedding band. Maybe one day there will be two bands for you fine gentlemen.

A Curveball of Jewelry

Most wedding ring sets are just bands and have the same distinguishing features. This is usually a safe bet for the groom to propose and then add on to the bands later with help from his fiancée to know exactly what kind of ring she would like. Sometimes, no matter how much you know someone you can always be thrown a curveball with jewelry. Nevertheless, matching wedding bands between the bride and groom is something significant and breathtaking that is meant to be cherished.

The Bride’s More Than the Groom’s

These wedding band sets with just the bride and groom rings range anywhere from $2,000 – $9,000 depending on the metal for the rings and what kind of stones are in them. The woman’s ring is more expensive. On average the bride’s wedding band is about $1,500.The groom’s ring ranges from $500 – $900. While wedding bands can add up in price the more gems you add, with a wedding band, set you are starting slow and then gradually able to add on when you have the extra funds to be able to do so — weddings are already expensive enough.

So if you are wanting that extra touch of sentiment to your wedding day and all of the years of marriage to come, you can not go wrong with a wedding ring set. Remember, it’s all about the uniqueness that you bring.

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