How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost? Four Questions for a Florist…

How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost? Four Questions for a Florist…

We wanted to find out the answers to four questions regarding your wedding day flowers, so we asked the owner of the Mini Rose Farm Floral and Wedding Services, Dawn Mellott, for help. Here’s what Dawn had to say.

How Much Should I Budget For My Wedding Flowers?

When you are choosing your Pinterest vision, please remember that the majority of those images are staged for photo shoots.  The designer has had more than adequate time and in some cases money to design the “perfect” setup.  Don’t choose a vision that is well over $10 – $20k and expect that look for a budget of $2-$3k, it just won’t happen.  I tell my clients to plan for 5-10% of their overall budget for their florals.  And no, silk is not cheaper than regular florals unless you are buying your silks from Hobby Lobby or Michaels.  Good quality silks are costing florists as much as fresh floral prices.  We don’t like the high prices either, so please don’t get upset at us when we tell you your budget just won’t stretch that far. 

How Are Floral Arrangements Priced?

Depends on the florals chosen, design style, arrangements desired, and time of year.  If you plan on getting married on Mother’s Day weekend or Valentine’s weekend or close to Christmas, your floral prices will be 4 times what you are expecting.  We have a minimum of $10,000 for Mother’s day or Valentine’s day because the price of flowers and dedication to your event means no sales for our biggest weekends.

How Far In Advance Do I Need To Hire A Wedding Florist?

Most of our clients are booking a year or 1 ½ years in advance.  By the beginning of the year, we are pretty much booked for that year.

What time should florists arrive to deliver personal flowers and set up the ceremony and reception arrangements? 

Depends on the scope of the job.  Larger, onsite set-ups and designs, will need a minimum of 5-6 hours for a very experienced team.  Simple drop-off weddings only need 2 hours at most.

We want to thank Dawn for her great answers to our four questions for a florist. Dawn Mellott of Mini Rose Farm Floral and Wedding Services is based near the DC Metro Area. Serving Virginia, West Virginia Maryland, and Washington, D.C. We hope this information can help you decide on the perfect floral arrangements and florist for your special day. If you need a florist in your area, you can search for florists near you.

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