Do You Tip A Wedding DJ? DJs Speak Out.

Do You Tip A Wedding DJ? DJs Speak Out.

One of the most popular questions that wedding couples have about their wedding, is whether they need to tip their wedding DJ. If you ask a group of people, I’m guessing you’ll get a 50/50 response. In most situations, tipping the DJ is a very nice gesture for a job well done.

When You May Consider Tipping The Wedding DJ:

  1. Your drunk uncle kept asking for “Free Bird” all night long.
  2. The DJ perfectly pronounced a family name like, “Freehausenschnauzerfinkley.”
  3.  They were just plain awesome and played the best dance songs all night long.

We surveyed a few great wedding DJs and wedding planners across the country and got their thoughts on whether or not to tip your DJ.

“We believe a tip is a thank you for a job well done. DJs sacrifice more time and effort than meets the eye and a tip is helpful for both the mindset and financials of the DJ. However, if the DJ did a poor performance or an unsatisfactory job, a tip is not or should not be mandatory.” – DJ Forrest @

“If you believe that a DJ has done an outstanding job then you don’t need to tip them unless you really want to.  Just telling them they were amazing either by email or by leaving a review for them on Google or Facebook for example is more than enough.  Your DJ will really appreciate it too as it helps other couples in the future choose the right DJ for their wedding!” -DJ Ian Forest @

“If the DJ over-delivers according to your objectives, expectations, and the fee you paid, a tip could be appropriate.” – DJ Robert @

“You should tip a wedding DJ because it is more than money. It is a show of gratitude for the effort given to every detail of your special day. It lets the DJ feel warm and fuzzy leaving your event and that goes a long way for the next person you refer to that DJ.” – DJ Joshua Baker @

“Yes, you should tip at least $100.” – Wedding Planner Ari Jones @

We hope hearing from several wedding DJs across the country has helped you decide whether or not you’ll tip your wedding DJ for a fantastic night of dancing. If you’d like to add something to our article, please feel free to comment below.

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