How Much Does a Band Cost for a Wedding?

The Cost of a wedding band

Music has a significant influence on the ambiance of gatherings and is an essential part of any wedding’s entertainment. In some instances, a wedding seems not pleasing without the right tunes. There are many different factors to consider when selecting a wedding band that will fit your needs and budget.

One determinant factor that you need to keep tag of is the cost of wedding bands. The cost of having a professional play at your wedding is not cheap, and you should consider this when you wish to consider whether or not to have live music at your wedding ceremony or reception.

We’ll be breaking down the various costs associated with wedding bands so that you can know what they will cost you.

What does it cost to hire a live wedding band?

Hiring a wedding band to perform throughout your reception is a requirement if you enjoy live music’s full, rich sound and plentiful energy.

While an average wedding band cost in the United States is roughly $4,000, band pricing for a wedding can vary significantly depending on where and when your wedding is being held and a variety of other considerations such as the number of musicians and length of time. In the United States, the cost of a wedding band ranges typically from $600 to $10,000.

The determinant factor for the cost of wedding band


The kind of sound equipment that will be necessary will vary according to the size of your wedding. You’ll need at least a PA system but may want a professional-grade sound system. Many bands have their equipment and will include it in their rates.

If you are getting a band that doesn’t have its equipment, you’ll have to factor in the cost of renting or buying sound equipment. It can range from 500$ – to 2000$.

Albums and music

Depending on your selection, there are a variety of options. The number of copies an album will have varies, as does the quality of the music. However, as a general rule, providing an album at least doubles the cost for most bands.

Also, consider if you’ll want special recordings or videos created specifically for your wedding day. Bands can often include individual recordings or videos in their packages, in which case the cost will be less than if they were to record an entire album and provide a copy of it.

Band members

You can hire a solely live band or one that includes an additional member, such as a guitarist. If you want an upgraded sound system or want to increase the size of your wedding party, you should hire an additional person. This will generally cost you for the specific band member and vary widely.

Bands can be as much as $10,000 or more for a group of four musicians, to as little as $500 for a singer and prerecorded music (this is likely more than you’d have to pay for the same entertainment in a casual setting such as a backyard barbecue).

If you would love to be sure that your band will work with your request, ask for an estimate per band member. Remember, this might cost you more or less, depending on your bargaining skill.

Band travel fees

Typically, a band will charge you for their travel fees if your wedding is more than 10 minutes to an hour away from where they’re based. If you want them to come farther away, you can expect to pay more. The band will estimate the cost of conveying the team and the members of the band to the venue. Most bands have a personal van, and you will have to pay less for the conveyance.

Live band performance times

Live bands generally charge an hourly rate, so you’ll have to keep in mind that they may not be able to perform at the time and place of your choosing. They’ll charge anywhere from $30-$500 an hour, depending on the band’s quality. If you have them booked for a full day, plan on paying between $600 to $10,000.

You may also have to pay a deposit if you’re booking quality a band. The amount needed for the deposit isn’t fixed, but it’s crucial to help the band keep a tag of your booking.

Cost of a Wedding Band

A survey revealed the average cost of a wedding music band. The cost ranges from $2,000 for a four to six-person band with two hours of service to $6,000 for the eight-person band with three and one-half hours of service.

The benchmark seems to be around $4,600 for the six-person dance floor filler with about two hours of service. Price variations depend more on song choice than anything else.

The average price for a reception band performing for three hours after dinner, including sound gear and light production, is $4,000 plus a 10% tip.

Pricing varies based on some determinant factors.

The day of the week: Weekends starting from Friday and Saturday and sometimes Sundays are more expensive than other nights because musicians have more opportunities to choose from. There are lesser demands on weekdays, and the band charges less during the week.

A band’s reputation: Bands that play great music get rave reviews to command top dollar. A bad reputation isn’t as costly, but it can cause a band to lose work, so bands work hard to protect their reputations.

The time of year: Holiday weekends are pricier, as are spring break and school vacations. The later in the year, the more competition a band has to choose from.

Cost of living: A band’s wages, union fees, and travel costs can vary widely from location to location.

If you are planning your wedding, you must decide if you are open to booking a band that has a performance on your chosen date. For example, many bands perform for Memorial Day weekend, so check ahead of time to see if the brand you want will be available for your wedding day.

If a band has a special performance that you want to book, keep in mind that your chances of booking it may be pretty low. There are always so many bands available to play on any given weekend. Remember to explore.

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