When to Send Out Save the Date Cards?

When to Send Out Save the Date Cards?

Planning a wedding can seem overwhelming, because, most times, it IS overwhelming. And, so is the pre-planning of your wedding. Let’s take a step back one year before your wedding date. This is when you’ll take your first trip to the post office to mail out your Save the Date cards.

What Do The Experts Say?

According to the experts, brides can send their, “Save the Date,” cards as early as a year before the big day. This is a good idea since people have very busy schedules, and they can plan accordingly. But truly, how many of us book anything farther than a year out? Even your dentist appointment is usually booked more than 6 months out.

When Should I Send Out Wedding Invitations?

Some wedding planners think choosing a day to mail out your wedding invitation is like fine art. Sending them too early can be impolite. Sending them out too late to your wedding guests, and could ruffle some feathers too.

So, when should you send them? Ideally, you should mail your wedding invitations out six to eight weeks before your wedding date. This timing will give your wedding guests plenty of time to make arrangements and mark their calendars, so they can book a babysitter or plan on traveling.

When Should Your RSVP Date be on Your Wedding Invitations?

You should set your RSVP date to two weeks before the wedding day. By doing this, you’ll get a truly good idea of your solid headcount, so you won’t have too much, or not enough food. And don’t be surprised if some people RSVP by the date you’ve requested. People are busy, and some will have to be chased around.

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